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It's time to FLIP YOUR SCRIPT in a Day!

Megan-Anthem-Retreat-Me Danielle.jpg

 Saturday, November 6th from 10am-4pm

Are You Ready to Create Magic In Your life?!
You will begin re-training your thoughts, replacing fears with confident clarity,
and enjoying synchronicities as you become vibrationally aligned with your truth.

Opportunities will just start showing up "out of the blue" for you.

It has happened for everyone who has gone through this program!

With This Program:

You will feel so much lighter, centered, and completely energized by this process. 

The beauty of this program is you do "The Work" once, 
then you have an empowering soundtrack to listen to every day to bring you back to your own knowing and clarity. 


You Will Receive:
- Your Anthem Workbook
- Communion with like-minded local women
- One on One Coaching from me in creating your Anthem script
- Time in a private recording studio to record your Anthem before you leave.

- Your own customized Anthem soundtrack!

 You'll receive your customized Anthem via email on Monday, November 8th!

What to Expect:

- To get crystal clear on what thoughts are holding you back and reframe them

- Gain clarity about what your Soul truly wants

- Create a customized empowering "script" for yourself 

You'll record your audio and choose your background music for your Anthem


This program is valued at $1150, however, I'm offering it for $444.

 This event is limited to 4 women only.

If you are interested or have any questions at all,

please email at so we can schedule a 20-minute call together!


 With this program, your mindset is aligned with your truth and your power before you begin your day. Plus listening to your own Anthem for 21 days in a row, you really see momentum in your life and what you are "calling in".


After the Event:
I will share an Accountability app with you to help you to listen to your Anthem

for 21 consecutive days.

"I found the Anthem process to be a unique and powerful way to dig deep and to pinpoint what was happening internally that I was never able to vocalize.

Megan guided me to find that thing that had been weighing on me for years.

She helped me to address it with grace, authenticity, and honesty.

I never thought listening to my own voice would be so powerful.

The Anthem program has given me tools that I will keep and use throughout my life."

- Tina Cookson

I look forward to helping you to Activate Your Truth!


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