Life Coach Megan

Department of Public Safety Leadership of Las Vegas

Hello Leadership Team!  Thank you again for allowing me to join your Leadership retreat. Below are the 3 Guided Meditations I recommended for you. Please feel free to download them and use them as often as you wish. If you have any questions, my contact information is below.

*If you are not part of this department but enjoy listening to these meditations in their entirety, you can purchase them of $0.99 each. Simply click the Guided Meditation tab above.

Thank you so much for your support!

1. Breath Count is an effective meditation to bring you into a calmer state if you are anxious and bring you into the present moment. Breath Count is one of my favorites because you can practice it anywhere and no one will notice yet it's incredibly effective at releasing anxiety. It is simply counting your breath in as you inhale (1) and counting every exhale (2) until you get to the count of 10 and then you start over. This exercise will bring your focus into your body and then your breath can calm down your central nervous system which can bring you out of Fight or Flight / stressed-out mode.

2. Golden Light is a 10 minute guided relaxation meditation using imagery to help you release stress in your body and so from your mind. The reason this meditation is helpful is because when we focus or shift our awareness into our bodies, it helps us tune into the present moment plus you're then focusing on the one thing you have control of.. YOU instead of the circumstances outside of your control.

3. Peaceful Sleep is a guided meditation that leads you through having gratitude for the highlights of your day while releasing any negative situations to the Universe. From here you'll bring your awareness to your bedroom and then I have included a slower version of the Golden Light meditation to relax your body and mind. This will definitely melt your stress away and allow you to sleep peacefully every night.

If you are interested in Meditation Coaching or Life Coaching please check them out by clicking the appropriate category at the top of this page or feel free to contact me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Additional Resources:

Here is the article by Berkley explaining Lt. Richard Goerling's beneficial results with Mindfulness.

Here is Police Chief Sylvia Moir's interview on ABC News about how she came to Mindfulness Meditation & is bringing it to the Tempe Police Force!  

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