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13 Guided Meditations

by Life Coach Megan

My passion is to help you use guided meditation for whatever you are wanting more of in your life:

Healing, less stress, more energy, more focus, more creativity, or more self love!


Here are some of the major benefits as well as some myths about meditation:

Truths of what you will experience:

• Increased intuition and ability to focus
• Deeper sense of peace and stress relief
• Ability to go with the flow of life more easily

Myths about meditation:
• I have to stop my mind from thinking - Not the goal

• I have to meditate for at least 30 min a day - 5 min counts
• There is only one way to meditate - find the way that suits you 

Healing may not be so much about getting better,

as about letting go of everything that isn't you:

all of the expectations, all of the beliefs...

and becoming who you are.

Rachel Naomi Remen

Meditation Goodness
These guided meditations have been my tried and true "go-to's" over the years and I wanted to record them in my own style as well as provide a variety of meditations for you.
Below are the tracks + the intention of each meditation. You can listen to the introduction of each meditation and purchase individual tracks for $0.99 or the complete album of 13 meditations for $10 in the box below.
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Meditation Descriptions:

1. Golden Light is a 10 minute guided relaxation meditation using imagery to help you release stress in your body and so from your mind. The reason this meditation is helpful is because when we focus or shift our awareness into our bodies, it helps us tune into the present moment plus you're then focusing on the one thing you have control of.. YOU instead of the circumstances outside of your control.
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2. Breath Count is an effective meditation to bring you into a calmer state if you are anxious and bring you into the present moment. Breath Count is one of my favorites because you can practice it anywhere and no one will notice yet it's incredibly effective at releasing anxiety. It is simply counting your breath in as you inhale (1) and counting every exhale (2) until you get to the count of 10 and then you start over. This exercise will bring your focus into your body and then your breath can calm down your central nervous system which can bring you OUT of Fight or Flight / stressed-out mode.

3. Observing Your Thoughts is an effective meditation for anyone who feeling stressed or anxious. Observing your thoughts, allows you to Witness your thoughts like leaves on stream so you can observe them without being attached to them. This is an empowering practice demonstrating that just because a thought races through your mind doesn't mean that is it true. It could be a fearful thought just running through your mind and this practice allows you observe your thoughts and release them. Basically this meditation trains us to be aware of which thoughts we give our power and attention to.

4. Walking Meditation is for those who prefer to move while they meditate. This will incorporate awareness of your body and surroundings. I've also included a an I Am practice to really feel at one with everything around you as you are walking.

5. Infinity Breathing is a meditation that guides you through the awareness of the flow of your breath moving continually in and out of your body. This is a great meditation to become aware of your relationship with your breath/ life force.

6. Inspirational Healing & Affirmations I recorded this for myself when I was sick and wanted something positive and uplifting to listen to through out the day.

7. Pono Pono is short for H'ono Pono Pono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of self forgiveness that is simple yet very powerful. You'll repeat 4 sentences to yourself and in this meditation you are speaking to the energy within you:

"I love you. I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank you."

8.  Stand In Your Power is an empowering meditation to do before a presentation or any time you're wanting to connect with the powerful part of yourself.

9. Green Flame is a manifesting meditation to practice focusing on something you want to attract or create into your life. This powerful meditation can be used to connect powerfully with the desires of your heart.

10. Seven Chakras meditation takes you through the 7 main chakras that are in the body (From the base of the spine through to the top of your head.) Chakras are energy centers/ generators and each one deals with processing specific aspects of life.

11. Falling Through The Layers of Emotion is one of my favorite guided meditations. It leads you through an exercise where you choose an emotion that you want to move though or work through, possibly an uncomfortable emotion. Follow the prompts within the meditation to fall through the original or surface emotion layer by layer eventually reaching the core where there is only serenity left.

12. Shift In Perception is a meditation that came to me when I was reading Marianne Williamson's book, A Return To Love. This meditation uses your intuition and Divine love to truly see what is really going on in a situation and allows you to find a peaceful resolution to any problem.

13. Peaceful Sleep is a guided meditation that leads you through having gratitude for the highlights of your day while releasing any negative situations to the Universe. From here you'll bring your awareness to your bedroom and then I have included a slower version of the Golden Light meditation to relax your body and mind. This will definitely melt your stress away and allow you to sleep peacefully every night.

"As you start to walk out on the way,

the way appears."

- Rumi