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Re-Frame Game #1 - Vegas Performer goes from stuck to inspired and happy.

I'm so happy to share the first Re-Frame Game Episode with you! My friend Erin Curdie is a fellow Vegas Performer and was kind enough to be my first guest. Her focus today was gaining clarity in regards to her career.

Her 3 points for clarity were:

1 - I feel like I'm treading water waiting for the Entertainment Industry to open up again and I miss being creative.

2 - The pay scale is vastly different in freelancing versus working a 40 hour week.

3 - Is it worth risking my health to go out and start a new job?

One by one, we reframed each concern into clarity for what she tru;y wants in a way that is framed in present tense, positivie and believable for her.


If you would like to be a guest on the Re-Frame Game, message me here or on IG @Life_Coach_Megan

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