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Who Are We

Within Women
Embrace your journey, Own your power

Welcome to Within Women - Your Sanctuary for Transformation

 This sacred circle is designed to unite and empower eight local women on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. Here, we celebrate the beauty and strength within each woman's unique journey.


Stay Connected & Curious:

We have started our journey and doors are closed for this year but stay tuned. I will host another Within Women in February 2024. Enter your info below to stay updated.


With deep gratitude and excitement,


P.S. Your journey begins here, where authenticity, growth, and sisterhood unite. In this circle, your unique essence is celebrated and supported.

Below is my personal "Anthem" (Intention Soundtrack) for the Within Women Group that I listen to every morning. In this group you will also have the chance to create your own Intention Soundtrack. 

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