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Within Women
The Summer of Embodiment

Welcome to Within Women -

Your Sanctuary for Transformation

Embrace the Summer of Embodiment

Join us for a transformative journey designed exclusively for 8 women ready to delve deep into self-exploration and connect with like-hearted individuals. "Within Women" is not just a program; it's a sacred container for growth, understanding, and profound transformation. This summer, we invite you to embark on a journey of embodiment, learning essential tools to transition from cerebral existence to living fully in the wisdom of your body.


Program Overview:


Within Women meets in the nurturing space of Pure MedSpa, nestled near W. Tropicana and 215, every Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM, September 3 - October 8, 2024.

This program is a blend of physical, emotional, and mental enrichment designed to guide you out of your head and into your body's inherent wisdom.


The Embodiment Agenda:

  • 1st Meeting: Welcome Celebration - Begin your journey with introductions, a review of our agenda, and meeting fellow facilitators. The evening includes a Cacao Ceremony, gifts (including a journal, palo santo, and a signature candle), and an introduction to the Cosmic Waitress's menu.

  • 2nd: Nervous System Resiliency - Smithy unravels the secrets of your autonomic nervous system, how to listen to it, why affirmations don't work when you're stressed, and what to do instead.

  • 3rd: Activate Your Anthem with Megan - This is my signature program. Craft and record your own Intention Soundtrack, a powerful tool for manifesting your desired reality.

  • 4th: Embodiment Practice - Rebecca leads a sensory exploration to connect with your body's sacred energy. She'll also explain masculine and feminine energies.

  • 5th: Somatic Coaching - Crystal reveals how to tune into your emotions and clear discomfort, fostering a deeper understanding of your body's signals. She'll also share breathing techniques to help reduce anxiety.

  • 6th: Closing Celebration - Reflect on your journey, share takeaways, and celebrate with a Cacao Ceremony and Anthem Certificates.


If you can't make a session, no worries, all meetings will be recorded on Zoom for your convenience.









Exclusive One-on-One Session:

In addition to group sessions, you'll receive a 45-minute personal coaching session via Zoom or a Bars session with Megan, introducing you to relaxation and the energy of receiving through the Access Bars modality.


Empowerment Through Practice:

These sessions are designed to give you the awareness and practices to take full responsibility for your reality.  By knowing how to listen to your body and understand what She needs from you, you can decrease suffering in your life and align with your present power.

Our invitation is for you to arrive with curiosity each week as you learn pragmatic tools to "come home to yourself".


Investment in Your Transformation:

  • Valued at $4,500 with special rates are available for the September offering of Within Women.

Ready to Join?

Enter your name and contact information to be added to the Within Women List for more details or you can email Megan at


We are so excited for this round of Within Women to connect with 8 women who are ready to embark on this empowering and embodied journey, fostering a sense of sisterhood along the way.

In love and possibility of what could be,


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