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Upcoming Events


Clarity Classes

This is a fun group class where I will guide you through my signature process of creating your own Intention soundtrack!

The next Clarity Class is Tuesday, June 25th from 6-8pm.

This particular Clarity Class is a women-only event, however, the next one in August is open to all.


Spiritual Pep Rally

Join me for this community gathering which is always a heartfelt and inspiring one! I'll be your host along with guest performers, musicians, and speakers


The next Spiritual Pep Rally is Wednesday, June 19th!

RSVP Now Limited Seating

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Flip Your Script

This is a half-day workshop for a small group to go through the Anthem program. Create your own intention soundtrack and check in at the end of 21 days.

Community, accountability, and a lasting shift in perspective.

Returning in the Fall

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