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I'm here to guide you to a higher level of clarity and empower you to reach it faster!

There's a magic that happens when someone really connects to their Truth and their own authentic way of being. Everything in the Universe has a vibration to it and when we tap into the higher vibration of feeling happy and free, we are able to live fulfilling and intentional lives. 

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to Vegas where I was a showgirl for 10 years. I loved performing, however, there was a curiosity that was growing stronger and stronger in me wondering why we are here and how can we each live rewarding lives?

The Activate Your Anthem program was created initially to help me gain clarity on what really mattered. It helped me to program myself to have more positive empowering thoughts which then became beliefs. I also noticed I was maintaining momentum towards my goals and actually reaching them faster!

When I completed my Life Coaching training, I knew I wanted to create an original program that could make integrating new beliefs fun and easy to use. This program is the answer to my prayer. I've seen it positively impact so many people and I'm excited to share it with the world!

Megan Wilson
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