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"One of the accomplishments I am proudest of in my life!

Thank you for being the leader during my journey, realizing what truly matters in life for me, giving myself the self-love I always wished for and finally finding myself again...relived through my own voice."

Elisa Mueller, Student

Activate Your Anthem is a total game-changer in helping one’s self!​

Megan enables you to put your battles on paper and then change the narrative about how you see yourself and how you want to move forward in a more positive light.


This program has helped to shift my thought process, empowered and helped give me more confidence to move forward in a career change I’ve been too scared to make for a long time!

Tarion Young, Master Herbalist

I have absolutely loved my entire experience with Activate Your Anthem!

Megan makes everything feel so comfortable and I truly felt at ease in her presence.
When Megan sent me my completed Anthem and Mantra, I completely teared up.
Every word was my voice, every goal was mine specifically, and all the choices in creating this masterpiece were my own.

I felt fantastic after my 21 days, and plan to continue to listen to keep myself in alignment. I highly suggest this to everyone!!

Harmony Swank - Singer/ Songwriter

I would recommend this for anybody that wants to attract positive abundance into their life!

Working with Megan made me realize that I need to focus on things that I want in my life as if they have already happened.


My internal dialogue has been coming from a place of lack instead of abundance. I feel so empowered since creating and listening to my anthem.

Dr. Nicole Canada, Owner of LV Holistic Health.
Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner

Activate Your Anthem has changed the way I approach life.

It has restored my confidence, reminded me of my self worth, helped to keep my nerves at bay and my mind at peace. As a Broadway performer, I listen to my Anthem before: auditions, taking the stage at nerve-wracking performances, and important meetings. 

I'm so grateful to Megan for offering this fantastic program that, I believe, would be useful to absolutely everyone.

Kaleigh Cronin, Broadway Performer

Activate Your Anthem helped me articulate how I want to paint and design my life. 

When I get caught up in all of the uncertainties and doubt, it helps bring me back. It also helped rewire me to get to the energy and foundation that is beneficial for creating anything good.

Bri McKee, Professional Dancer and Yoga Instructor

"I have become more aware of the root of my emotions when they arise, which then allows me to choose my response.


This is very empowering!”

Rachel Clarke Milford, Event Designer and Producer

Starting the day with my personal Anthem sets the tone for it with my own words, voice, and music.

Bringing my inner Superhero out first thing in the morning is quite powerful!

Amy Wilson, Fitness Director/ Professional

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