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Empowered Mindset Reset

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Presented by 
TruFusion Wellness &
Life Coach Megan

Welcome, I'm Megan, your  Mindset Activator!

This 21-Day Challenge will guide you in creating your own intention soundtrack of what is most important to you now.

By listening to your custom soundtrack every day for 21 days, you will see how very POWERFUL your focus can be in creating your reality!

Scroll down for more info or if you're ready to register, click the "Save My Spot" button below.

Once you click the button below you'll be directed to the TruFusion Events Page.

Scroll down until you see:


then click the "Sign Up" button.

Are you ready to see how powerful your focus can be?! This 21-day challenge is your ticket!


You have heard the saying "Your thoughts create your reality" and this program shows you how to do it. You will get to experience what is possible when you are focused on one thing consistently for 21 days. Every client that has completed this program has created results that are in alignment with their intentions and often it exceeds their expectations! 


The important part of the intention and manifesting is that we never know exactly HOW our intentions will come to life but with consistent commitment, they ALWAYS create results!

This is an empowering practice because you get to see how very powerful you can be when you are clear and consistent with what you truly want. 


This workshop consists of 4 in-person meetings:

Meeting #1 on Saturday, August 5th from 12-3pm at the Blue Diamond Location

This initial meeting is mandatory for everyone because you will create your soundtrack and understand the science of how listening for 21 days up-levels your thinking.

1. Introduction and Overview:

Megan to introduce herself, the program, and the flow of the 21-day program.
• Why does Mindset Matter? What is the value of living an intentional life? Share the
science of the benefits to whole-body well-being.
• As a Mindset Coach - the main problem I continually see is that people want clarity but
they really are only clear on what they no longer want and they are stuck in the “wanting
loop”. We will address how to find your authentic clarity for what you truly want.
• Next how do you build on your clarity so it creates momentum in your life? You Activate it
consistently! That is exactly what this program helps you to do.

2. Start Creating Your Anthem by finding Authentic Clarity using the 3 Buckets
What is most important to you:
• In Relationship to yourself
• In relationship to your Business/ Career
• In Relationship with those closest to you (Partner, Children, Family)

3. Next we play “The Re-Frame Game” to create your Clarity Statement.
Everything listed is Positive, Written in Present Tense, and Believable.
• I will be helping participants with this by doing a few out loud to demo and walking around to
anyone wanting help in writing their script.

4. Now we Record Your Anthem! *
I feel that having music in the background does make the soundtrack more powerful but is not
necessarily needed. You will record your soundtrack before you leave so it's all done and ready for your 21-days of Mindset Reset!

Meetings #2-4 on Saturdays, Aug 12, 19, & 26 from 11:30am-12:30pm at Blue Diamond

  • The following 3 Saturdays are 1 hour-long meetings to support your journey. These are for: check-ins, sharing what synchronicities are showing up as well as continued teaching from me on what to expect along your Mindset Journey.


Pricing for TruFusion Members is $100 and $150 for Non-Members.

Please register at TruFusion on Blue Diamond 

Once you click on the link, scroll to the Empowered Mindset Reset option and click "Sign Up". You'll then be directed to your Mind Body account to complete registration.


Lastly, do you have a friend that would also appreciate this challenge?

Invite them so you can have an accountability buddy!


This is the easiest way I've found to create incredible results consistently. You do "the work" once then you just "press Play" and listen to your own voice speak your truth. Feel free to check out the Testimonials Page to see what others have to say. 


If you have any questions at all, please email me at 

I would love to hear from you,


Testimonials from Client's who have completed their
21 Day Mindset Reset

Megan's program is a total game-changer in helping one’s self!
This program has helped to shift my thought process, empowered and helped give me more confidence to move forwar
d in a career change I’ve been too scared to make for a long time!

Tarion Young, Master Herbalist

I would recommend this for anybody that wants to attract positive abundance into their life. My internal dialogue has been coming from a place of lack instead of abundance. I feel so empowered since creating and listening to my anthem.
Dr. Nicole Canada, Owner of LV Holistic Health. Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner


Megan's Anthem program has changed the way I approach life.
It has restored my confidence, reminded me of my self worth, helped to keep my nerves at bay and my mind at peace. As a Broadway performer, I listen to my Anthem before: auditions, taking the stage at nerve-wracking performances, and important meetings.
I'm so grateful to Megan for offering this fantastic program that, I believe, would be useful to absolutely everyone.
Kaleigh Cronin, Broadway Performer
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